German Embassy supports Hope for Katanga Kids Project

Dec 21, 2016

The German Ambassador among the Katanga Kids Enlarge image The German Ambassador among the Katanga Kids (© German Embassy Kampala) The German Ambassador, Dr Peter Blomeyer, visited Katanga yesterday and attended the Christmas party of the Hope for Katanga Kids project. He also officially opened a new public toilet and an computer room that were financed by a small scale project of the German Embassy. The Hope for Katanga Kids project was founded in 2012 and focuses on supporting orphans, street children and HIV positive children. Today around 150 children benefit from the work of the project. In his address he emphasized the importance of offering street children a place to live. He also stressed that hygiene plays a major role in their well-being, pointing out that the new toilets will have a very positive impact. He expressed his optimism that further assistance might be offered by equipping the still empty computer room.

Hope for Katanga Kids at the Embassy Enlarge image Hope for Katanga Kids on a gratitude march at the Embassy (© German Embassy Kampala) A day earlier the children of the project had walked to the Embassy, led by their director Michael Jackson, in order to express their gratitude for the support. They were met by Mr Udo Weber, Head of Development Cooperation, who was delighted by their dance and music performances and congratulated them on their achievements.

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