Viva con Agua: WaterWalk 2017

On the 2nd December 2017 Viva con Agua concluded their “WaterWalk2017” campaign with the colorful music festival “WeLoveYouganda”. The music festival took place the third time in Uganda and judging from the attendance as gained huge popularity amongst people in Kampala. The WaterWalk2017 campaign was co-funded by the German Embassy in Kampala.

Viva con Agua is an open network of people and institutions which are all connected by one common vision: Clean drinking water and sanitation for all human beings! They mainly draw on volunteers to realize their activities.

Between the 6th of November and 2nd of December 2017 Viva con Agua conducted varies music, art and sports activities in Rwanda and Uganda to increase awareness on WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and the adverse effects of climate change on access to water among Ugandan society and the general public in Germany.

The WaterWalk2017 was also used as an occasion to launch the Viva con Agua Uganda network. The main vision of the Ugandan network is to redefine approaches of charity organisation in Uganda to show that people can use their potential – whatever that might be – to work together to realize positive social change while enjoying what they are doing!

The main activity of the WaterWalk2017 campaign was the walk from Kigali to Kampala. The 35 walkers from Uganda, Rwanda and Germany were sent on their way by the German Ambassador to the Republic of Rwanda, Dr Woeste, on 6th November in Kigali. They arrived in Kampala on 29th November and were received by staff of the German Embassy. The timing of the 550km long walk was chosen to coincide with the COP 23, the UN World Climate Conference in Bonn which took part from 6th to 17th of November 2017. Most overnight stops of the group during the 24 days walk were arranged at schools or other public sites within the communities, which provided plenty of opportunities to interact with the students and other members of the communities. Viva con Agua conducted several activities to engage the communities in discussions on water and sanitation and the effect on climate change on their communities.

While the participants of the Water Walk were on their way to Kampala, an art exhibition organized by different Ugandan Artists, Visual Art Crews and the Millerntor Gallery in Hamburg, Germany, kicked off on 23rd November at the Design Hub in Kampala. The exhibition was also a social hub for several art and music workshops for kids and adults.

All of the activities during the WaterWalk 2017 campaign were not only to raise awareness amongst the Ugandan society and German public about the importance of access to clean drinking water and sanitation, but were also raising funds for water projects in Uganda and Rwanda. For example the artists of the exhibition agreed to donate part the proceeds from the sale of their art work to Viva con Agua or profits from entrance fees for the music festival will go to those projects. The fund raising campaign in Germany will continue until January 2018 utilizing the reports and experience from the WaterWalk 2017.