Research, science and technology

Today, research and development-intensive industries account for more than half of all industrial production in Germany. Here you will find information about the major German research institutions.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Campus Germany - Study and Research in Germany

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)

Fraunhofer Society

Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres

Max-Planck Society


Science and research in Germany

Germany is the Land of Ideas – one of the most innovative countries in the world. Our universities and research centres not only produce research worthy of the label “Made in Germany” but also make attractive partners in the international arena.

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High-Tech Strategy 2020 for Germany

We want to be able to turn knowledge and ideas into new innovations as rapidly as possible. The German Government is therefore actively pursuing an ambitious strategy for innovation, its High-Tech Strategy 2020.

Energiewende in Deutschland

Making good progress with the Energiewende

The first Government monitoring report entitled “Energy of the future” shows that Germany’s Energiewende – the transformation of its energy system – is on course. As part of the “Energy of the future” monitoring process, the German Government takes stock of progress made with the Energiewende each year.

Research, science and technology

Outstanding research: a high-tech microscope

The “Make it in Germany” website welcomes skilled professionals to Germany!

Make it in germany

“Make it in Germany!” Take a look at our website to see how skilled professionals like yourself can come to live and work in Germany. German firms are facing a genuine skills shortage that is expected to continue into the future. The German Government has therefore set up this website to help business and industry find the specialists they need. Welcome to Germany!

Research in Germany

Ideas and the results of research are the basis of Germany's successful export trade. The foundation of this success is a broad-based research network of universities, research establishments and the world of commerce.