Caution with exotic souvenirs

Many souvenirs are subject to strict import regulations

Before commencement of your journey please please make sure you know which souvenirs are not allowed to be imported into Germany due to regulations on the protection of endangered species of fauna and flora. Many tourists experience a rude shock when their souvenirs are seized by customs authorities and even a fine may be imposed. Even if an exotic souvenir is impressive due to its uniqueness – many species of fauna and flora that are used to make such souvenirs are endangered or threatened with extinction. These souvenirs are subject to strict import regulations.

Please don't be part to illegal and destructive trade with fauna and flora. Environmental organizations and authorities as well as customs authorities advise tourists to avoid unnecessary risks in buying souvenirs made from animals or plants in general. They instead recommend buying of typical textiles, ceramics, crafts, articles made of metal or glass or paintings. Basically, you should be very careful if you want to purchase an animal or plant product, expecially if you don't know its origin. By so doing you will be doing the fauna and flora of your country no harm.

Please feel free to read more about export and import regulations on the following websites:

or write an email to Bundesamt für Naturschutz. The e-mail address is


Caution with exotic souvenirs