More Articles on our Embassy Events

Below you will find our articles about news and events and a choice of speeches from 2014 up to today in chronological order.

Opening the Seminar

Embassy News Archive 2017

Keep updated on what's going on at the German Embassy in 2017 and get an impression of our work and events.

German-French Friendship

Embassy News Archive 2016

Multiple projects and many cultural activities kept our office busy that year. Enjoy browsing through the different articles and find out what happened at the German Embassy in 2016.

Opening of Katanga Exhibition

Embassy News Archive 2015

There were many activities at the German Embassy in Kampala in 2015. Sport events and school projects got supported by the Embassy, functions were held at the Residence. Here you will find more on all events.

German Ambassador and Honourable Guest toasting

Embassy News Archive 2014

What happened in 2014? The Embassy received a lot of visitors, was represented at many events. Germany won the Football World Cup Title! Here you will find more on the German Embassy's activities in 2014.

Speeches Archive

Here you will find the full speeches held by the German Ambassador or the Chargé d'affairs.

Embassy News Archive

3000 young athlets in Lira